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Made In Canada Review: Looking Is The Original Sin

Cast: Katie Boland, Maria del Mar, Jayne Eastwood
Director: Gail Harvey
Country: Canada
Genre: Drama

Editor’s Notes: Looking Is The Original Sin will have its world premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival on August 23th with an additional screening on August 24th.

Greatness can be a gift as well as a curse. To be truly great, one must invest oneself fully in their work, must give up a large part of their soul for what they do. Selfishness is a negative trait, but in many ways it is an inherent aspect of greatness. The annals of cinema are full to the brim of “great man” stories that focus on the triumphs and downplay the collateral damage left in the wake of titanic achievements. Looking Is The Original Sin is a rare gem then, distinct in two ways: This is a story of a “great woman” and one focused intently, almost exclusively on the damage that strive for excellence can cause. Based heavily on the life of Diane Arbus, the film follows Helene (Maria Del Mar), a photographer dealing with depression and instability, and her tumultuous relationship with her daughter Anna (Katie Boland, Gail Harvey’s real-life daughter), who also finds herself adrift. The two ruin each other even as they strive to save each other, and the film is smart about the compromises they make and the validity of their choices.

This is a story of a “great woman” and one focused intently, almost exclusively on the damage that strive for excellence can cause.

Canadian spotlight: Katie Boland interview: 'Long Story, Short' Aug. 19 on KoldCast TV

Katie Boland's provocative new series "Long Story, Short" premieres August 19 on KoldCast TV.
Long Story, Short (11 x five minutes), an edgy, provocative and honest new web series created and written by acclaimed actor Katie Boland (The Master; Reign), will launch exclusively on KoldCast TV in the United States and Canada on Monday, August 19, with the first episode now available.

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Trailer: Looking is the Original Sin Gets Montreal World Premiere

(August 13, 2013 - Toronto, Ontario)

Toronto-based photographer, director and screenwriter Gail Harvey will see her latest film Looking is the Original Sin, get a world premiere at the 2013 Montreal World Film Festival. Like many Canadians in the film biz, Harvey is a fully hyphenated filmmaker but one of her greatest accomplishments is that of mother. She has cast daughter Katie Boland before and this time the young actress joins a mainly Canadian cast for a feature based on the life of tragic “freak” photographer Diane Arbus.


2012, Colour & B/W, Canada, Focus on World Cinema (full length movies)

Director : Gail Harvey Screenwriter : Gail Harvey
Cinematographer : Peter Benison, Colin Hoult, Josh Fraiman, Gail Harvey
Editor : John Nicholls Cast : Maria Del Mar, Katie Boland, Kent Staines, Jayne Eastwood, Dewshane Williams
Music : Dillon Baldassero
Film production and Sales : Gail Harvey, Katie Boland, Maria Del Mar, 2325639 Ontario Inc., 57 Beech Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M4E 3H3 (Canada) Ventes/Sales: Breakthrough Entertainment Inc., 122 Sherbourne St., Toronto, Ontario, M5A 2R4, (Canada)

Anna, 19, struggles to understand her artist mother, Helene. Anna and her mother are intensely close, but Helene is often depressed; the only thing she seems to live for is her art. Helene’s obsession with her photography drove Anna’s father away, and has taken Helene away from Anna since the day she was born. But photography is addictive to Helene and one morning Anna wakes up to find that her mother has moved out. Anna searches through Helene’s photos and negatives and eventually locates her living in an artists' co-op. The search leads Anna to some other discoveries, not least among them herself.

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Kristen Harvey (Katie Boland; The Master; Daydream Nation) is a beautiful, funny and self-deprecating 21-year old with no idea what she's doing with her life. She has just moved back to Toronto, after failing to cut it at art school in New York City. Before moving to New York, Kristen broke up with her first love, Andrew (Adam Butcher; Falling Skies; Played), certain she wouldn't miss the hometown guy in The Big Apple. She was wrong. So she comes home, hoping to win Andrew back. Much to her surprise, Andrew has a new girlfriend and won't give Kristen the time of day....



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Loved The Wire? Then Walk The Line

The Line is Canadian cable's answer to the HBO cult hit The Wire.

Normally, this sort of comparison tends to be derogatory or dismissive. It is, in this case, quite the opposite: The Line is in every best possible sense a very Canadian take on similar settings, story elements, characters and themes.

The 15-part crime drama – an eight-episode "second season" was ordered up even while the first was still shooting – debuts tonight on The Movie Network at 10.

Four Extraordinary Women

Drama based on a true story from director Gail Harvey. John (George Stults) is overwhelmed by the strength of the women in his life as one by one they all end up battling the same disease. His mother Anne (Lindsay Wagner) is the first of the four to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Soon after Caryl (Joely Collins), John's nanny as a child, is also diagnosed, followed by his wife Sharon (Laura Harris) and his sister Mary (Katie Boland). The four women help each other as they fight against the disease and, inspired by their courage, John becomes a better man.