Looking is the Original Sin Gets Montreal World Premiere

(August 13, 2013 - Toronto, Ontario)

Toronto-based photographer, director and screenwriter Gail Harvey will see her latest film Looking is the Original Sin, get a world premiere at the 2013 Montreal World Film Festival. Like many Canadians in the film biz, Harvey is a fully hyphenated filmmaker but one of her greatest accomplishments is that of mother. She has cast daughter Katie Boland before and this time the young actress joins a mainly Canadian cast for a feature based on the life of tragic “freak” photographer Diane Arbus.

Looking Is The Original Sin is at its heart a mother-daughter drama. It's a story about love, loss, discovery, alienation and the transformational power of art. It follows the journey of 19-year-old Anna, played by Katie Boland, who co-produced the film with her director mother and co-star Maria del Mar.

The daughter of an acclaimed, depression-prone “outsider-art” photographer named Helene (del Mar), Anna has grown up with pressure from multiple directions. She is at once her mother’s daughter and mother’s “mother,” fretting over her disappearances and feeling guilt over the burden she has had placed on her.

Finally, she feels the pull of her mother’s journey through the fringes of society and the raw, suffering beauty of the human experience. Camera in hand, Anna seeks to find an identity by retracing the absentee Helene’s footsteps, and hopefully to solve the mystery of her disappearance via clues in her painful photos. Once immersed in her mother’s underworld, the question becomes, is Anna obliged to follow her into the darkness, or can she create her own destiny?

Named a “Rising Star” at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival, Katie Boland welcomes the chance to share in her own mother’s career, and admits there are surface parallels in Looking Is The Original Sin.

“My mom previously was a photographer,” says Boland, “and she was always into photographing life as opposed to just living it. But the mother in this film is very different from my mom. She’s mentally ill and unstable, and my mom is incredibly stable. But our relationship is definitely infused in everything we do together.”

Looking Is The Original Sin will screen at the Montreal World Film Festival on August 23rd and 24th and will be released theatrically in Canada in the fall. Breakthrough Entertainment has world rights for distribution.

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