Long Story, Short

Long Story, Short is a serialized, sexy, moving and funny webseries
about three inseparable twenty-one year old girls; their love lives, triumphs, failures and all the assorted humiliations in between. Think the sex and glamour of Sex and the City with the quirky, moving and hilarious coming-of-age of Freak and Geeks. Now toss in the outrageous situation comedy of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It will offer young audiences a realistic representation of themselves and give them exciting ways to interact with the characters through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the Long Story, Short website.

Long Story, Short is a sexy, moving comedy for young people aged 17 to 30 in the vein of Sex and The City, Girls, and Freak and Geeks, with the situational comedy of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Funny, fast-paced, thrilling and always ending with a cliff-hanger, Long Story, Short is the web video version of a surprise phone-call from your best girlfriend the morning after a one-night stand; you don’t want to say goodbye. The series will be presented in ten five minute episodes, with a new episode released every week for ten weeks. Cliff-hanger endings will keep viewers on the edge of their seats, posting in forums and interacting with cast and creators and searching for spoilers until the next installment is released. Long Story, Short is hip, sexy, moving and authentic. It is also filled with outrageous comedy; what do you do when your date answers his Dad’s phone call during sex? How do you deal after a drunken night of embarrassing texts sent to your ex? Who do you call when you don’t want to spend another afternoon contemplating what the hell you’re doing with your life? Each episode will have many twists and turns, elements of danger, and high-stakes relationship drama.