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A Gail Harvey film - Starring Maria Del Mar & Katie Boland

Logline: A daughter's journey to find her mother leads her on a twisted, haunted and beautiful search, ending in the most poignant discovery of all; herself.

Looking is the Original Sin is a mother/daughter story about love, loss, discovery, alienation and above all the transformational power of art.

Anna, 19, has always lived in the shadow of her talented, beautiful, dynamic and unstable mother, Helene. Helene is a successful photographer who loves Anna deeply lacks an innate maternal gene, made happy only by her daring work.

As Anna grew, Helene became more and more suffocated by playing the role of a dutiful wife and dedicated parent. She lost herself to her art, fell into a deep depression and was driven into darker and darker places for her photographs. She wanders around the fringes of society, engaging in sexual misadventures, putting herself in dangerous situations in pursuit of the raw, suffering beauty of the human experience. Though her depression makes her live recklessly, Helene is blinded and feels she is becoming the artist she is meant to be. Doing forbidden things makes her feel alive. Lost in her own mania, she abandons Anna and runs away from home.

In reversed roles, Anna constantly worries about her mother and tries to convince her to come home, wishing desperately that she could feel happy just being her mother. After many failed attempts, Anna feels angry and betrayed. She decides to take matters into her own hands, searching through her mother’s photos and negatives, solving the mysteries of her disappearance through her images. Her mother’s life is fascinating, and though not invited, she decides that she too wants to experience living on the edge.

Will her mother finally accept her if she is daring, too? Can she convince her mother to come back for good? Is she also meant to be an artist driven to harrowing heights for her work?

As Anna inches closer and closer to finding her mother, perhaps even becoming her mother, she seeks out Helene’s friends. She is introduced to Helene’s strange world, meeting people and going places she has only known through mother’s photos.

With Helene’s old camera around her neck, Anna tries desperately to see what her mother saw. She grows more and more daring, also putting herself in dangerous situations, causing major upheaval in her stable and safe life.

Though she tries with everything to ignore the glaring truth, eventually, she must face reality. She is not her mother’s daughter. It may be too late to save her mother, but through this search, can she save herself?

Long Story, Short

Long Story, Short is a serialized, sexy, moving and funny webseries
about three inseparable twenty-one year old girls; their love lives, triumphs, failures and all the assorted humiliations in between. Think the sex and glamour of Sex and the City with the quirky, moving and hilarious coming-of-age of Freak and Geeks. Now toss in the outrageous situation comedy of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It will offer young audiences a realistic representation of themselves and give them exciting ways to interact with the characters through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the Long Story, Short website.

Long Story, Short is a sexy, moving comedy for young people aged 17 to 30 in the vein of Sex and The City, Girls, and Freak and Geeks, with the situational comedy of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Funny, fast-paced, thrilling and always ending with a cliff-hanger, Long Story, Short is the web video version of a surprise phone-call from your best girlfriend the morning after a one-night stand; you don’t want to say goodbye. The series will be presented in ten five minute episodes, with a new episode released every week for ten weeks. Cliff-hanger endings will keep viewers on the edge of their seats, posting in forums and interacting with cast and creators and searching for spoilers until the next installment is released. Long Story, Short is hip, sexy, moving and authentic. It is also filled with outrageous comedy; what do you do when your date answers his Dad’s phone call during sex? How do you deal after a drunken night of embarrassing texts sent to your ex? Who do you call when you don’t want to spend another afternoon contemplating what the hell you’re doing with your life? Each episode will have many twists and turns, elements of danger, and high-stakes relationship drama.

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Looking is the Original Sin

1 X 90
A daughter's journey to find her mother leads her on a twisted, haunted and beautiful search, ending in the most poignant discovery of all; herself.
Director: Gail HARVEY

Produced by: Katie BOLAND, Maria DEL MAR, Gail HARVEY
Scriptwriter: Gail HARVEY
Key cast: Katie BOLAND, Maria DEL MAR, Linda HAMILTON

Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment. For more information contact

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Canadian spotlight: Katie Boland interview: 'Long Story, Short' Aug. 19 on KoldCast TV

Katie Boland's provocative new series "Long Story, Short" premieres August 19 on KoldCast TV.
Long Story, Short (11 x five minutes), an edgy, provocative and honest new web series created and written by acclaimed actor Katie Boland (The Master; Reign), will launch exclusively on KoldCast TV in the United States and Canada on Monday, August 19, with the first episode now available.

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Trailer: Looking is the Original Sin Gets Montreal World Premiere

(August 13, 2013 - Toronto, Ontario)

Toronto-based photographer, director and screenwriter Gail Harvey will see her latest film Looking is the Original Sin, get a world premiere at the 2013 Montreal World Film Festival. Like many Canadians in the film biz, Harvey is a fully hyphenated filmmaker but one of her greatest accomplishments is that of mother. She has cast daughter Katie Boland before and this time the young actress joins a mainly Canadian cast for a feature based on the life of tragic “freak” photographer Diane Arbus.


2012, Colour & B/W, Canada, Focus on World Cinema (full length movies)

Director : Gail Harvey Screenwriter : Gail Harvey
Cinematographer : Peter Benison, Colin Hoult, Josh Fraiman, Gail Harvey
Editor : John Nicholls Cast : Maria Del Mar, Katie Boland, Kent Staines, Jayne Eastwood, Dewshane Williams
Music : Dillon Baldassero
Film production and Sales : Gail Harvey, Katie Boland, Maria Del Mar, 2325639 Ontario Inc., 57 Beech Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M4E 3H3 (Canada) Ventes/Sales: Breakthrough Entertainment Inc., 122 Sherbourne St., Toronto, Ontario, M5A 2R4, (Canada)

Anna, 19, struggles to understand her artist mother, Helene. Anna and her mother are intensely close, but Helene is often depressed; the only thing she seems to live for is her art. Helene’s obsession with her photography drove Anna’s father away, and has taken Helene away from Anna since the day she was born. But photography is addictive to Helene and one morning Anna wakes up to find that her mother has moved out. Anna searches through Helene’s photos and negatives and eventually locates her living in an artists' co-op. The search leads Anna to some other discoveries, not least among them herself.

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Kristen Harvey (Katie Boland; The Master; Daydream Nation) is a beautiful, funny and self-deprecating 21-year old with no idea what she's doing with her life. She has just moved back to Toronto, after failing to cut it at art school in New York City. Before moving to New York, Kristen broke up with her first love, Andrew (Adam Butcher; Falling Skies; Played), certain she wouldn't miss the hometown guy in The Big Apple. She was wrong. So she comes home, hoping to win Andrew back. Much to her surprise, Andrew has a new girlfriend and won't give Kristen the time of day....



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